Nicotine Toothpicks 18 Variety Pack

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Nicotine Toothpicks 18 Variety Pack


Smoke Free Satisfaction!
20 Individually Wrapped Toothpicks

Not avilable for all countries.


Year-by-year, the restrictions, health concerns and negative reactions towards cigarette and chew based products have put a virtual stranglehold on your ability to enjoy, let alone pacify your nicotine craving. Today there is a convenient and tasteful solution, the “Smart Toothpick,” infused with 3mg of Nicotine for your satisfaction and pleasure. The Smart Toothpick delivery system discretely and quickly delivers nicotine comparable to a single cigarette in a smoke free, mess free, socially accepted manner. If you are Smart enough to use a toothpick, you can fulfill your nicotine craving without anyone else being wiser. Smoke free, mess free, odor free… but best of all is the great flavors that makes your Smart Toothpick a tasteful choice that can’t be beat!


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