Cinnamon Necotine Toothpick 6 Pack


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  • Helps to freshen breath
  • Each toothpick contains about the same amount of necotine (3mg) as found in a cigarette.
  • Necotine satisfaction without smoke damage to your lungs
  • Addresses the oral fixation element of smoking without a cigarette
  • 0 Calories and 0 Sugar
  • 20 toothpicks per packet

Smoke Free Satisfaction!
20 Individually Wrapped Toothpicks



The closest thing to a cigarette without having to inhale! Necotine infused toothpicks are here. Necotine toothpicks are smokeless, tobacco odorless, and discrete. No one will be wise to the fact that you are pacifying your craving for a cigarette anytime, anyplace. Each toothpick provides about the same amount of necotine found in a cigarette (3mg), but eliminates the smell and nasty looks you get with a cigarette. Trust us when you smoke or vape, the looks and stereotype thoughts are there. Best yet, when you choose a necotine toothpick, you’ll be giving your lungs a break when you need to satisfy your necotine craving. Perfect for travel, as a tool to quitting smoking, or even use them in the workplace where smoking is typically banned. It will be your secret.

Our Necotine cinnamon flavor toothpicks provide a hot fiery bite to your necotine craving. This long lasting flavor has a great fresh taste sure to please. The most amazing part of the product is the ability to infuse the flavor into the toothpick allowing for long lasting flavor in each pick.

1 review for Cinnamon Necotine Toothpick 6 Pack

  1. Phil

    I love these bigger more durable toothpicks and I was furious not to find them on amazon anymore! They last so much longer than all the wimpy little toothpick I find but I like to use these when I’m at home with my baby girl to refrain from smoking

    • Kirk Hansen

      Thank you for the kind comment, your order was shipped out today!

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