• All Natural White Birch Toothpicks
  • High Quality Elegant Finish Look and Feel
  • Great for Crafts, Hobbies, and Cleaning
  • 500 Per container
  • Flavorless
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Elegant Toothpicks

While often brushed off as an insignificant detail in cooking and food serving presentation, we know all toothpicks are not created equal. Smart Toothpicks presents what we feel is the premium toothpick on the market. This is the same toothpick we use for our high quality infused toothpicks. What makes this toothpick our choice for our infused toothpicks and so special for you? For starters, we selected white birch for its sturdy structure and natural flavorless taste. Birch is the same wood used in many professional baseball bats so you know if birch can withstand the strength of a power hitter, our toothpicks can withstand the common demands of your toothpick and hobby needs. The natural flavorless trait of birch allows you to confidently cook and serve food without the risk of having the toothpick alter the taste of your food. Last, we took an additional step and had them designed with a unique shaped end adding that little extra touch of “flair”. We could have potentially cut corners with our quality, but we took the high road and know that you will experience and appreciate the difference.