Jumbo Elegant Toothpicks 6 Pack


• Smart Toothpicks jumbo elegant toothpicks are not your plain, run of the mill toothpicks.
• Smart Toothpicks are made larger than normal with high quality natural white birch wood.
• 2 1/2 inch jumbo elegant Kokeshi style toothpick adds detail to food and drinks.
• SAFE- Completely safe to use with food and drinks.
• Great for restaurants, caterers, deli’s, and any food service application.
• Great to use with your Hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, appetizers, finger foods and garnish drinks.
• Smooth surface offers splinter free experience.
• BIODEGRADABLE- Single use and dispose and are compostable.



Our hand selected jumbo gourmet toothpicks are made from white birch, a “clean” wood known for being odorless, flavorless, and stiff enough to provide leverage but not so stiff that it hurts the mouth. The decorative finish adds a classy touch to your restaurant, bar, cafe or house party! Our jumbo size toothpicks are useful for spearing fruit, cheese, and other bite-sized food on your buffet table. You can also use these in your bakery or kitchen for testing cakes and other baked goods for doneness. Bartenders can also keep these stocked behind the counter for drink garnishes!


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