Jet Rocket Red Hots


Great long lasting infused flavor (up to XX minutes) helps to freshen breath
B12 promotes energy
B12 supports cardio health, and circulation
B12 is known to help reduce stress
0 Calories and 0 Sugar
20 toothpicks per packet

Not avilable for all countries.


Don’t let the 50’s retro design of our packaging and great taste fool you. Jet Rocket toothpicks are a natural way to get extra B12 delivery in your system. Our toothpicks are packaged and produced in the US using high quality natural white birch toothpicks. Our proprietary flavoring process packs an amazing flavor blast that lasts up to 60 minutes per toothpick.

Our red hot cinnamon picks to take you back to the red hot cinnamon candy you loved as a kid. The bold flavor freshens your breath while the heat keeps on coming. Infused with the great flavor is a boost of B12 ready to help put a fiery charge back into your day.


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