• Helps to freshen breath
  • Mouth watering Spilanthes tingles your tongue
  • Great lemon flavor using real lemons
  • Developed by a Dr to treat dry mouth symptoms
  • Safe for everyday use
  • 0 Calories and 0 Sugar
  • 20 individually wrapped toothpicks per packet
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Our dry mouth toothpicks were developed by a Dr. to provide a means to help treat common dry mouth conditions that effect millions of people. The result was a success yet evolved into so much more. You see, in the process of developing this toothpick, we discovered that the great refreshing results of our ingredients and flavor made this a mainstream refreshing choice for everyone. We mixed our great fresh picked sweet lemon flavor with natural mouth tingling ingredients, and quickly discovered a toothpick that presented itself more like a refreshing treat than a medical treatment. So if you suffer from dry mouth or not, we encourage you to try one of our best tasting and certainly most mouth watering products.

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